Since I am up every weekday morning around 3:40 to get things ready for what we'll be doing at the Cool 98.7 Breakfast Table.   I will be honest---I love an afternoon somewhere between 3 & 5 that really recharges my batteries.  Here in America, we have an energy crisis. Need proof? Look at all the coffee, energy drinks, and sodas people drink on a daily basis.


We’re all looking for an edge – but we might be looking in the wrong places.

Instead of chugging caffeine, ginseng, and other chemicals, many scientists suggest the best way to recharge is to just take an afternoon nap.

Even short 20- to 25-minute naps wipe your brain clean of the chemicals that cause sleepiness, leaving you recharged and sharp – naturally.

Naps also reset your immune system back to full strength.

Of course, it’s not very “American” to check out of work to sleep – but maybe it should be. (