Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in Tuesday's North Dakota caucus, but, unfortunately, it's all for naught, as Clinton will claim the Democratic presidential nomination.

According to InForum, CNN was the first to report Sanders' victory in North Dakota.

While Clinton was defeated here, she is expected to pull out victories in New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota, which will help her secure her party's nomination. She will become the first woman ever to be the presidential nominee from a major political party.

For Sanders, the only hope now is that he can convince Clinton's more than 500 Democratic 'superdelegates' to change their mind and support him instead of her.

Sanders made a handful of stops in North Dakota before the caucus, which may have helped him win over Democrats in the state. Clinton sent her husband, former president Bill Clinton, to speak in Fargo, but she didn't make the trip.

Clinton will now, presumably, face Donald Trump in this year's presidential election.