I do love cars---have since I was a little guy.   I'm a fan of 2-door cars.  Both of mine have just 2 doors---in fact below is a pic of my 1972 Volvo 1800es....2 doors and a cool back glass hatch.   I've owned this beauty since 1999, and it has just 74,000 miles on it, not too shabby for a car that is 41 years old.  Incidentally back in 1972 the sticker price on my Volvo new was around $5800--that's ALOT of money for a car in 1972.   And annually Rob Report Magazine selects the best stuff for the mega-rich and they have come up with best cars for billionaires--where money is NO object.  Here's the list of em:



*Sports Car – Ferrari F12berlinetta – this one is worth a mere $316,000

*Convertible – Jaguar F-Type V8 S – $92,000-this is the one featured in the current Jaguar TV commercial--you've seen it---the red convertible that is pretty dog-gone fast.

*Coupe – Aston Martin Vanquish – $280,000-sounds like a good James Bond automobile!

•Sedan – Maserati Quattraporte – $135,000-an Italian masterpiece

•SUV – Land Rover Autobiography – $131,000 (CNN)
  Pretty pricey for an SUV, eh??