I was doing some searches on line for where DO you find the best pizza.  My personal favorite is "Hawaiian," which is Canadian Bacon, Pineapple and Extra Cheese, and I usually get mine WITHOUT tomato sauce.  Sounds odd, but sometimes the sauce and the pineapples battle each other for taste.   Try it--you may be surprised.  On line I found Trip Advisor's survey about where you get the very best pizza and I was stunned out of all the cities listed----there was an obvious absence of the "Windy City" of Chicago.  I've had pizza there before and it was GREAT. 


The trip advisor list is based on the highest average rating by city for all restaurants that serve pizza.

Here’s their Top 10:  (AND I ask again, where IS Chicago???)

San Diego, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

Boston, Massachusetts

New York City, New York

Seattle, Washington

Austin, Texas

San Francisco, California

Indianapolis, Indiana

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phoenix, Arizona