It's Father's Day Weekend.   Bittersweet for me--as I lost my dad when I was 16.  His name was Jack Hemingway and he did inspire my career.  He worked on the radio in Seattle and by the time I was 3--when they got me a record player for Christmas that year.  I decided to follow in my dad's footsteps and work on the radio---just like my dad. 


While some advice and lessons from my dad might have been less-than-profound, like "don't eat the yellow snow," some dads will really come up with some great nuggets that we can actually apply to our lives and I have some good ones to share with you this Father's Day Weekend!!

Here's some things that my dad shared with me and I know other dads have that hopefully their kids REALLY related to and applied to their lives.

"There is no age limit on learning--NO age limite.   Just keep on learning."

"Things don't have to be new in order to be useful. If they get the job done, it's very valuable."

"Collect friends, not things. Things will never ever love you back."

"There is nothing more important in the world than your family." (Good Housekeeping)