I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I do like my one cup in the morning around 5am when I start my morning show at the COOL 98.7 Breakfast Table.   But it looks like that's NOT the time of day when coffee with have the most impact on our bodies.



Looks like our bodies level of Cortosol is it's highest during those early morning hours.  And Cortisol is our bodies' hormone that controls our stress and alertness.  And drinkiing coffee when those levels of Cortisol are pretty high, means we may be wasting that boost we love to get from our cup of morning coffee.    Researchers are recommending that first cup of joe be consumed somewhere between 9 & 1130am when our level of Cortisol are lower!   Now you know!   I personally like my coffee, strong and black--NO sugar or cream!!  (LifeHacker.com)