In my life I've been broken up with and I've done some breaking up.  It's pretty much a fact of life----each of us will either break up with someone, or someone will break up with us at least once.  And for some of us----more than once.  I hate it when i'm dating someone and they tell me those dreaded words---"We need to talk."  I always pretty much know what's going to follow and generally it's pretty unpleasant!  



So--the question is this---I'd be willing to get that some of these break-up excuses hit home and sound a bit familiar?    Read 'em and weep!

      "You're just too good to me(or for me)/too nice/too smart. You deserve   better."

      "I love you--but I'm not 'in love' with you."

      "I have to focus on my career."

      "You don’t live too far away."

      "We’re just in two different places spiritually."

      "I don’t think we’d make very cute kids." (The Stir)