We all know the Neil Sedaka song "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do."   And to me doing that particular deed is never easy.   And I found a website, Uncoached.com, they have a list of the best and worst times to break up with your girlfriend:  So---potential breaker-uppers---here ya go!



•Worst Time: At a Wedding – The fun and free beer will all be over and done when you have “the conversation.”

•Best: Before Starting a New Job – When you start a new gig, why not end things with your girl and wipe the slate completely clean?

•Worst: On a Vacation – You’re on a vacation, which means you’re stuck with her for a certain amount of time---NOT a good time to break up.   Some guys say to  do your best to pretend you love her until you get home.

•Best: Right Now – Football season is starting. Less time with the girlfriend means more time watching the pro and college games with your buddies.

NOW---you know!!