We are officially past the holiday of Thanksgiving, but like me--you may find that your refrigerator is filled with leftovers from your amazing Thanksgiving dinner.  And IF you're smart and load up your fridge just right---you can help food stay fresher long.  Here's some boo-boo's we may be doing when using our refrigerator, check 'em out!


#1)Storing milk and dairy products in the door – This is a NO-NO--Why?  temperatures are highest in the door, so storing your milk, yogurt, and butter there can actually shorten their "shelf life.”  So---go ahead and move them to the shelves.

#2)Another NO-NO-----Not keeping meat in the meat drawer – The meat drawer is actuallly designed to keep foods colder than the rest of the refrigerator, so be sure to put all your raw meat, poultry, and cold cuts in there--that's why it IS there---so use it!!

#3)This is a big mistake most of us make---and that is not cleaning  the condenser coils – If your refrigerator doesn’t seem as cold as it used to, it could be because you need to clean the coils. The coils – which are found in the back of the fridge – should be cleaned with a brush several times a year.  It's a really quick and easy thing to do!  And your fridge won't have to work as hard to keep things cool!  

#4)And last but not least---a big mistake is NOT wrapping up your foods tightly BEFORE you freeze them – Make sure to get all the air out of the package, and if you're using storage containers, fill them almost to the very top of the container and that way---you'll avoid that dreaded freezer burn!   (Yahoo Shine)