Accents to be honest---are kinda sexy.   Think about Ziva on "NCIS," even the cartoon character Peppy LePew---the Warner Bros. skunk even seems a bit appealing---all because of his accent. 



And here's a list of celebrities who can speak more than just English, and I'm sure---when necessary can add in a little bit of an accent, eh?  There I go typing in Canadian!!

Will Smith: Both he and Jada are fluent in Spanish and apparently their son Jaden knows a little bit too!

Ben and Casey Affleck: These two brothers learned to speak Spanish really well after living in Mexico for a while during various filming projects.

Johnny Depp: Johnny lived in France and, of course, spent 14 years with French singer and mother to his two children Vanessa Paradis.

Orlando Bloom: Another French speaking hottie! His parents actually run a language school in England – hence the French.

Colin Firth: He's married to an Italian director and producer and both their kids speak Italian, so naturally he must speak it fluently. As if the English accent wasn't swoon worthy enough.

Bradley Cooper: oh he speaks French so well - he studied it all through school and in college did 6 months abroad - his accent is to die for! (Crushable)