Forget the dress and tuxedos, this year it's all about executing the perfect "promposal."

As if the awkward phone call or conversation in the hall wasn't hard enough, local high school students have added more pressure to "popping the question" by doing a flashy, sometimes public, promposal.

This is a nation-wide trend that has every high school student thinking of ways to ask someone to prom. Promposals have become so popular that there are Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter pages dedicated to different ideas.

Maggie Pearson Facebook

These proposals take elaborate planning with family, friends, and venues. To be honest, I am very impressed with the creativity and time put into promposals right here in Bismarck.

Irelyn Huntley was asked to prom by Connor Hellman. He lead his future prom date to the Fore Seasons Center Golf Dome blind folded. The photo below shows his impressive set up. How does a girl say no to that?

Irelyn Huntley Facebook

Taylor Schaubert was extra brave while asking BHS senior Brittany Barnum to prom. Barnum, a member of the Bismarck Demonettes, was performing at a school basketball game when she noticed a sign that said "Brittany, Prom?" Awww.

Brittany Barnum Facebook

Sometimes a girl needs to break the stereotypes if she's determined to have the perfect prom night. Senior Mara Nustad asked her date, Noah Kopp, to prom with a 'Frozen' theme. The Olaf onesie she wore really ties the whole promposal together.

Mara Nustad Facebook

I've heard many mock this new trend. Although they may seem unnecessary and over the top, you have to admit, they sure are adorable!