Here’s a heartwarming story that I came across in the Bismarck Tribune that I couldn’t help but share with all of you. 


A middle school English and social studies teacher, Ms. Knoll, at Simle Middle School required her students to research a nonprofit organization in groups, and then the class picked one organization for which to raise money.  One of the students, sixth-grader Braden Will, suggested they raise money for Shriners Hospitals for Children, because his parents and grandparents are actively involved in the hospital.  His group’s presentation convinced his classmates to choose Shriners Hospital.  So, the students sold popsicles and had a hat day to raise money.  To everyone’s pleasant surprise, the class raised more than $500!  Ms. Knoll’s class had a reception to present the check to the guests from the Shriners Hospital. 

Braden and his classmates (and his teacher) were super excited about how much money they raised.  “I was ecstatic,” Braden said. “I couldn’t believe we raised that much money.”

Source: The Bismarck Tribune