The fast food chain Wendy's recently released information that their restaurants were hacked and credit card information may have been obtained.

The company reported that they noticed some suspicious activity beginning in February of this year and malware was discovered in their computer systems.

Earlier in June, more malicious activity was discovered. It was discovered that specific credit card information was sought after including names, card numbers, the expiration date among other information.

Wendy's recently released the restaurants that may be impacted. You can see the list of restaurants here.

The Wendy's at 900 East Bismarck Expressway is among the long list of Wendy's locations where customer information may have been compromised.

The Wendy's location at 18th Ave SW in Fargo was also compromised along with the S. Broadway location in Minot.

Anyone who used their credit card at any of these locations since the end of October of 2015 may be at risk.

There is no guarantee that any of your information was compromised but it is important that you check your credit card activity to make sure no unauthorized purchases have been made.

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