The Fargo AirSho committee announced early Thursday that the Blue Angels would headline the 2015 Fargo AirSho.

According to InForum, the 2015 Fargo AirSho will also feature:

  • Kyle Franklin’s Flying Circus, with its 1930s racing-inspired biplane 'Dracula.'
  • “Speed for Hire,” featuring Paul Stender’s jet-powered vehicles, including a school bus that can hit 367 mph, a 70-mph outhouse, and a jet-powered dog house.
  • Skip Stewart, who does aerobatics with his modified Pitts SC2 'Prometheus.'
  • Stunt pilot Kent Pietsch, known for his dead-stick routine and rooftop landings on a moving RV.
  • Lt. Col. John Klatt, who performs in his Air National Guard MXS aerobatic plane.
  • Skydive Fargo club exhibition jumps.

The 2015 Fargo AirSho will take place June 25th and 26th at the Fargo Air Museum.

For more details, visit the official Fargo AirSho website HERE.