Well--I went and did it on Tuesday---had to make a run to Wal-Mart and curiosity got the best of me---I thought I'd check and see IF the Hostess Twinkies were really back on the shelf as promised.  Well--I looked on the aisle that had snack cakes and found lots of "Little Debbie" stuff and Wal-Mart's own brand, and just about walked out the store, when I decided to take one more look in the bakery section---and PRESTO!   I found Hostess Twinkies!



So I spent $2.98 on a box (retail price $3.99), took 'em home and popped them in the freezer(as I have always done) and waited a couple of hours and then tried one.  I found they tasted the same, but they are about 10% smaller than the Twinkies that I remember, and even though they are smaller  Of course, if you believe that every cloud has a silver lining – they also pack a slightly smaller caloric count: 135 calories vs. the previous 150.