Many of the words we use today are actually trademarked names. Often trademarked names become so common in our everyday lives that we use them interchangeably with their generic counterparts.


Here are some great examples:


Jet Ski: If it's not made by Kawasaki, it's just a personal watercraft.

Jacuzzi: If it's not a Jacuzzi brand, it's a spa or hot tub.

Onesies: The term every mom uses for infant bodysuits is trademarked by Gerber.

Frisbee, Hula Hoop and Slip n' Slide: These summer staples are all owned by Wham-O.

Chapstick: Does anyone call this Pfizer product lip balm?

Q-tips: Owned by Unilever. But what do we call their generic friend -- Cotton swab on a stick?

Band-Aid: This is the brand name for Johnson & Johnson's line of adhesive bandages.

Wite Out: Owned by Bic. Otherwise, it's "correction fluid."

Bubble Wrap: Trademarked by Sealed Air Corporation.

Kleenex -- Everything else is just a tissue.