UPDATE: What was reported as a shooting in Kensal, ND turned out to be something completely different.

James Devillers flagged down a US Fish and Wildlife officer Thursday morning, claiming that he had shot 2 people who had broken into their house, and he feared there were 2 more still in his home. The officer waited for support before entering Mr. Devillers home. When the officers entered, they found no evidence of an incident in the home and reported that everything was safe.

Family members of Devillers reported to officers on the scene that he suffered from mental issues. Devillers was transported to the North Dakota State Hospital in Jamestown for further evaluation.

Currently, there are no criminal charges pending for Mr. Devillers.

Police are responding to reports of a shooting in Kensal, ND Thursday morning (10/9).

Kensal is a small community north of Jamestown.

It is thought at this time that up to four people may be injured. Two ambulances and a S.W.A.T. team responded.

More news to come as it becomes available.

UPDATE: According KFYR TV, "two individuals are currently at large." In the wake of the shooting, nearby Midkota High School was on a brief lockdown earlier, which has since been lifted.