Bruce Springsteen has expanded his creative empire into the world of filmmaking. Earlier today, (July 9), he debuted 'Hunter of Invisible Game,' a 10-minute film and video he co-directed with his longtime video collaborator, Thom Zimny.

Springsteen introduced the movie, which can be viewed exclusively on his website, with the following message. "For a long part of the year, Thom Zimny and I have been talking about shooting a short film for 'Hunter Of Invisible Game.' We’ve finally got the job done, and we think it’s one of our best. Thanks Thom for the hard work and brotherly collaboration. You and your crew bring it all. And to all of you out there in E St. Nation, we hope you enjoy! See ya up the road."

The film takes its name from one of the more evocative songs on his last album, 'High Hopes.' "I wrote [the title] down years ago, and I don't remember a lot about it except I said, 'That's a nice title,'" he told Rolling Stone earlier this year. "I wrote it down and it sat there. Then I did more reading of other things. And I started to get into this sort of post-apocalyptic idea. The idea of these travelers in the wasteland, and what's the guy trying to do? He's trying to hold onto their humanness, their humanity in all of this ruin. That was the idea. That's who this guy is, the guy who is hunting out remnants of what makes the spirit. It was one of those songs that came together a certain way and I didn't think much about it when I wrote it. I put it away. Now it's probably one of my favorite things on the record."

Although there is no dialogue, Springsteen composed the film's score, a minimalist wash of keyboards, with acoustic slide guitar and violin accents. The song comes in at roughly the 5:40 mark.