Not that this will comes a surprise to anyone who's watched his self-mocking appearances on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' but in case you had any doubts: Bruce Springsteen is perfectly fine with being parodied.

"It happens to everybody, if you’ve been around long enough," he shrugged during a recent interview. "A part of what you do is caricature, if you’ve had a long life. I look back on certain moments, and iconic things are very, very close to parody -- always. Always. That’s why they’re powerful. They’re just a thin line away from that being one step that makes it completely ridiculous, instead of a little bit ridiculous. There’s always a little bit of absurdity in fame, period, and in who you are and what you’re doing. There’s always some silliness to it, and some silly aspect of it. You learn to live with you, you know?"

Of course, it's easier when the silliness comes courtesy of an obvious fan like Fallon, who approaches segments like his recent Springsteen-assisted 'Born to Run' parody with obvious respect and love -- not to mention musical talent of his own. "He’s infectious," Springsteen chuckled. "He gets you going."