If you know anything about me---I LOVE cars.  I have since I was a little guy.   They can be expensive to maintain but with a little common sense--there are certain things you should be able to take care of yourself.  I can do this and I'm not the most mechanically inclined person on the planet---trust me on that.   So here's a few things most of us should be able to do on our own and not have to pay someone else to do.   Although there's one I'm hedging on a bit....check 'em out!!   And a pic of my pride and joy---my 2008 Mercedes 350-CLK



Changing out the battery

Changing the oil---this is the one I hedge a bit on, since you  have to dispose of the oil properly and if you have a place change it for you---they take care of that particular chore.

Replacing a fuse

Replacing windshield wiper blades

Replacing the air filter

Those are simple tasks that require few tools – and just a little know-how and IF your Early Morning Radio Pal can do it---most anyone can!!