Probably be pretty hard to imagine life without your cell phone---whatever kind of smart phone it is---an IPhone, or Android.  They have all become a vital part of our lives.  But I have 4 celebrities that DO NOT have a cell phone nor do they even want one.   Thought you'd get of kick out about finding out who you can't call---at least not on a cell phone!



Vince Vaughn: Vince Vaughn revealed during an interview that he doesn't own a cellphone, saying, "I don't own a cellphone because ... the old way always worked for me. You call me, I call you back, like a gentleman."

Christopher Walken: A little over a year ago, this famous actor admitted to having neither a cellphone nor a computer.

Elton John: No cell phone for this music star! He recently admitted, however,  that he does have an iPad that he uses to Skype with his kids when he is on tour.
   Elton obviously loves his kids.

Sarah Jessica Parker: She recently confessed that she got rid of her cellphone! She said, "I don't like being behind in both phone calls and emails, so I chose emails because when you're on a set, you can carefully and sneakily check a BlackBerry, but you can't return a phone call. Hearing 'Your voicemail is full' is horrifying to me."