You probably have car insurance--NO this is not a commercial for Geico!   You may have some life insurance or home owners insurance.....Now let's get down to what some celebrities have insured and for how much---this is mind boggling.  This past weekend the new movie "Million Dollar Arm" opened up and brought in around $12 million dollars in ticket sales.  But when you read this a million dollars is nothing when it comes to some insurance policies that some famous folks have taken out on various body parts!!




 Keith Richards’ of The Rolling Stones---his Middle Finger – $1.6 million

Bruce Springsteen’s Vocal Cords – $6 million

Tom Jones’ Chest Hair – $7 million

Jennifer Lopez’s Butt yes--her rear end--– $27 million

Mariah Carey’s Legs – get ready for this she has them insured for a cool $1 billion dollars!!   Have no idea what the premium is for some of these policies, so all I can say is "YIKES!!!"   (Maxim)