If helping Century win their first ever state championship in football wasn't enough, wide receiver Adam Geiger was also featured on ESPN's SportsCenter Friday night, November 13th!

In the third quarter of Century's win over Minot in the Dakota Bowl, quarterback Dalton Feeney threw a ball nearly out of the reach of Geiger.

Luckily, Geiger was able to throw out his arm and make a miraculous one-handed catch to tie the game at 21 points a piece.

The catch was so impressive, it made it onto SportsCenter's Top Ten for November 13th, taking the third spot:

That catch was just one of a handful of fantastic plays made by Geiger during the game, which included another one-handed catch down the sideline and an interception in the fourth quarter.

Geiger ended the game with two touchdowns, an interception, and a night he will never, ever forget, which he eluded to on Twitter: