It's summertime and a great time to go on a date and you don't have to spend a fortune on a date.    I found a new survey and over 80% of ladies say they would much rather go on a fun type date that costs less then $25, then a really expensive date with a guy.  So put those wallet away and try some of these inexpensive fun date that can make summertime nice and cheap.




Hiking – Lots of great nearby places to do a little hiking.  You'll find this can be great way to see if the person your with is high-maintenance of perhaps they can handle a little sweat and dirt.

Cooking – Men who cook can really win a woman's heart (NO this does not mean opening up a can of Chef Boy Ar Dee!!!)

Bowling – Bowling alleys are fun, casual, and allow for a ton of interaction. And it IS one of my very favorite activities

A Movie - For around $20 you get a couple of hours away from reality and you're in air conditioned comfort and it doesn't get much better than that!!  Romantic comedies are ALWAYS a great date!!  And to save a little money---EAT at home before you meet for the movie.    That way you won't have to spend $8 or more on popcorn and a drink!