Back in 2015, we showed you video of the abandoned San Haven Sanatorium, which was named one of the fifty creepiest places in the United States. This time around, let's take a look at another abandoned, and pretty creepy, building in North Dakota.

The above video, much like the San Haven Sanatorium video, comes to us form, which is run by a pair of guys who venture out to catch a glimpse of abandoned buildings across the state before they're gone forever.

The above video was taken back in 2013 and shows the Brantford Public School, which would become so dangerous a few years later that wouldn't even venture inside.

A quick Google search of Brantford, North Dakota brings up all of the work done by, but very little else, leading us to believe that the town is, in fact, abandoned.

Brantford is just twenty miles northeast of Carrington, if you're looking to take a trip yourself. Like advised, though, don't attempt to venture into the school at this point, as it has become to dangerous to walk inside.

You can see photos of's trip to Brantford in 2013 HERE and in 2015 HERE.