There are some Christmas movies that everyone seems to love and everyone seems to be able to watch year after year -- without getting bored.  My personal favorite to watch around the holidays has got to be "It's A Wonderful Life," that great movie with the late-great Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, Christmas movies just doesn't get any better than that!

Now from the "Breakfast Table"---Here's a rundown of some of those Christmas classics that are guaranteed to get you in the spirit of the holidays:

A Christmas Story (1983) -- All poor Ralphie wants for Christmas is a BB Gun. Problem is, everyone thinks he'll shoot his eye out.

Elf  (2003) -- It doesn't get much better than Will Ferrell walking around New York City in a pair of yellow tights.

Holiday Inn (1942) -- Want something legendary? Bing Crosby sings "White Christmas" and Fred Astaire dances.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989) -- Whenever your relatives are stressing you out, just remember how bad they could be if they were the Griswolds.

The Santa Clause (1994) -- Tim Allen magically changes from corporate meanie to Santa.

The Polar Express (2004) -- The unique motion-capture animation follows the adventures of a boy as he heads to the North Pole to meet Santa.