This nominee just lost their wife/mother to breast cancer in October 2013. She was only 37 years old. Her children are only 5 & 12 years old. They are both girls who could really use their mother. The mother who just passed away was diagnosed with breast cancer just a year ago, did everything in her power to fight the battle. She had triple negative so the chemo and medicine didn’t work. She tried all the experimental and made several trips to Mayo didn’t work she moved on to University of Phoenix. They told her in September that there was nothing more they could do for her. They said she had 3-4 months to live. She only survived one more month.

During all this she managed to handle all this with such dignity and pride and was always in such good spirits. Not one person would have known she was suffering as she was always trying to keep in good spirits and smile. Her husband is being so strong for his beautiful daughters. Not only the day of the funeral and the grieving of putting their wife/mother to rest, someone was at their house that day and opened some of the cards and stole some of the money and some other items in the house. He still remained in good spirits and he said "They must have needed it more than us". Amazing!!

The family just lost a grandfather, her father last year to cancer as well. This family deserves nothing more than some peace of mind and a nice thoughtful gesture for this grieving time. Her husband was there every second of every day by his wife’s side until the moment she passed. He missed lots of work and people were so nice to donate sick time to help them out. She would always think of others during their time of need so I think it is only right that this family get an AMAZING Christmas this year considering all they have been through.

Also his mother-in-law has been and is living in the house. She helped take care of the house and kids so he could focus on his wife. She also has the most kind heart and spirit during all this. She would do anything to give one more day to be with her daughter. Not only did she bury her husband last year but now her own daughter. Please give this family some piece and mind and have them enjoy a little bit of happiness this Christmas as its going to be their 1st Christmas without their wife/mother/daughter.