Nominated by a family friend, this nominee is a husband and wife with four amazing children. Over two years ago, the mom had a stroke which left her with Locked-In Syndrome. She is completely aware, and cognitively the same as she was before her stroke, but she is completely paralyzed and cannot speak. She communicates through a pattern of eye movements when someone goes through the alphabet. It is a painstaking process, but she still has so much to "say".

She had to live in a nursing home for two years while her husband fought for her to come home with help of nursing staff. It was a long battle, but one that he was determined to win. The love these two share is amazing. The mom was able to return home late this summer, two years after her stroke. She is happy to be home, and despite her condition, she is happy to be alive.

This journey has been a financial nightmare for them, yet the whole family has such a positive attitude. Their lives have changed forever, and they are still adjusting to this new "normal". The mom was always the first to help someone in need, to make a meal for someone who is sick, or to be a friend when someone has needed her.  She has a kind and gentle spirit, and so many people love this dear woman and their whole family. Thank you so much for considering them.

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