This couple and their 3 children were involved in a near fatal car accident heading on their last camping trip of the summer. They live in Bismarck and were driving in their van with their boat to Lake Sakakawea when a semi pulled out in front of them by Underwood. They t-boned the semi at a high rate of speed. Mom, in the passenger seat, sustained the most injuries. She had traumatic brain, back, neck, and leg injuries. Dad sustained back, neck, and hip/leg injuries. The three children sustained whiplash and back and neck injuries. They all have PTSD from the accident.

Mom worked for the State of ND; she was fired from her job due to her brain injury. Dad isn't able to work either due to his injuries. Both have qualified for social security disability, but their income has suffered. They are struggling to pay their bills. Now, their house is in foreclosure. They aren't able to buy much for Christmas due to their accident and loss and income.

This family has had a terrible 2012 and they deserve to have a good Christmas. Mom has gone through speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. She has seen many neuropsychologists and psychologists to deal with her brain injury. But, recently she was told her injuries to her brain will likely be permanent. She suffers from severe depression and is very hard on herself because she can't be the mother and wife she was before the accident.

I know they would appreciate being picked as the Christmas family. All the family members have gone through extensive physical therapy and seen psychologists to deal with the terrible accident they had. I am thankful they are all here for Christmas and I think they deserve to have a Christmas they won't soon forget. Please pick this family to help them overcome this terrible year they have had. Thank you so much for your consideration.