Another member of our listening family got to enjoy Burger King's Cinnabons & Coffee this week and it was Jane Vetter and the crew at the Cracker Barrel.  



Faithful Cool 98.7 listeners who are incidentally ready to fly to Tacoma to see Fleetwood Mac---yes they have entered to win that as well!   They are big fans of the Beatles and in particular John Lennon--which we do play of course!

Very nice visit to one of my personal favorite places to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.   Thanks again to Jane Vetter for requesting the Cinnabons, Coffee and a visit from her "Early Morning Radio Pal!"   Another winner coming up next week--make sure you sign up here on our website and stand by for a visit from J.J. Hemingway soon!   Jane in the pic is second from the left and smiling!!