It doesn’t matter if it’s fair or not, guys have a lot more flexibility with what they wear – especially when compared with the pressure women are under to dress up and look great.  I have been to Wal-Mart and have seen most of these no-no's.  And this includes both the North and South side Wal-Marts here in Bismarck.  Pretty sad in my book.

But that doesn’t mean guys can wear anything. There are limits.

Here’s a rundown of some clothes that guys should never wear in public:


Cut-off shirts


Trucker hats



Socks and flip-flops

Fanny packs


Tucked-In sports jerseys

Mesh shirts

Speedos (


Speedos, really?  Someone would wear a pair in public, other than on the beach along the Missouri River???  YIKES!!!
What's really bad is sandals with socks...YUKKO!