Celebrate America's 237th Birthday on Thursday.    I will be broadcasting live from the Cenex station on Main Street in downtown Mandan beginning at 8am,    I will be there for the 8am 5K run, for the 9am Diva Dash, and around 945 we're gonna warm up the crowd with "The Twist," and then at 10---we're gonna set a world's record for the Macarena!  Simply show up and you can be part of a new world's record!   This is going to be FUN!


We're NOT done---at 1030 see me classic 1972 Volvo 1800ES lead the classic car parade, and then the classic 4th of July parade gets underway at 1040.   Be looking for our Cool 98.7 Chevy HHR in the parade.   

So make sure you listen and then come on out and enjoy!   It's a great way to celebrate America's 237th Birthday with great family fun--the kind of event that makes memories that lasts a lifetime!!!