Another group of beautiful photos were submitted this week and the decision was again very difficult.


First off, a big shout out to the two individuals who submitted photos of horses. We haven't gotten a lot of animal submissions to this point and both of the horse pictures are stunning.

But Sarah Storick's photo of the sunset behind the Missouri River Train Bridge, a photo she submitted last week, was well deserving of the top spot. Last week, we said Sarah's photo would have won any other week. But the photo taken of last Friday's storm, submitted at the last second was enough to secure the victory leaving Sarah out in the dust.

Not this week though. Sarah resubmitted the photo, which is allowed as long as it has not won previously, and it's too good to pass over.

Congratulations to Sarah who wins this week's free Subway sandwich. We will begin taking submissions next week again on Wednesday, June 22 at 6am.