More beautiful pictures and more tough choices.

This week was a unique week for the contest as this is our first winner where the sky is not the focus of the picture. We have had a lot of sunrises, sunsets and storm photos win so far. We promise we aren't biased against non-sky photos. It's just been a coincidence.

But this week was different. Aleksandra Stojanoska captioned her photo, 'forever LOVE' and it shows a great picture of we presume Alexsandra and her significant other holding hands and overlooking some beautiful scenery.

Aleksandra did not provide the location of the photo. I could have asked but the mystery makes it more exciting.

If I were to take a GUESS though, and it could be anywhere in the world, it looks very similar to the buildings located either at the Olu Deniz Beach in Turkey or Cappadocia which is also located in Turkey.

I may or may not ever find out if I am right. It's all up to Aleksandra if she wants to share.

UPDATE: Aleksandra tells us the picture was actually taken in Macedonia which is located Northwest of Turkey.

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