One thing you need to know about me---is I am a dog person.  Dogs are so cool, they just love us unconditionally.  And f you think about it---what's  not to love about a dog's great ability to share affection, comfort, a little entertainment and even obedience?   I do believe you and I can actually learn quite a bit from our 4-legged buddies!!!


Here’s a rundown of some things dogs can teach us about love:

•Always be happy to see the person you love--we love it when our dogs are loving and hap and overjoyed to see us, and we should be that way with the one we love!

•Support your partner's hopes and dreams – Dogs think everything you do is the coolest, most brilliant thing ever. If you support your mate in this way, there will be zero resentment and your mate will be as excited about your life together as humanly possible

•Show affection – Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.  You don’t have to lick the face of your significant other(they probably wouldn't like that too much anyway). But, a quick hug or even a little love pat on the behind goes a long way to show them that you really care! (YourTango)