I am definitely a dog person.  I don’t currently have a dog, but I absolutely love beagles, and they are the best dogs ever.  Dogs can teach us some important life lessons, such as:


1. Greet people you love with joy and unbridled enthusiasm — but perhaps forgo trying to lick them.

2. Protect those that you love — but, perhaps, without growling unless it’s absolutely necessary.

3. Only eat when you're hungry and eat mindfully one piece (or one bite) at a time.

4. Always stretch when you stand up — a really good, deep stretch does wonders.

5. Look people directly in the eye, but don’t stare at them for so long that they (or that you) get uncomfortable.

6. Get to know your neighbors, always be willing to make new friends and then make the time to play with your friends.

7. Be sensitive to the needs of others. Dogs seem to know when it's OK to joyously leap on someone and when to greet them in a more subdued manner.

8. Pushing the laptop or smartphone aside with your nose is a great idea; always remember to take time away from your electronics to give attention to those you love.

9. Live with your heart and head where your feet are. Live and enjoy each moment as it comes right where you are in this moment in time.


Source: MindBodyGreen