Here's one of the stories I shared this week at the Breakfast Table--and it started out with a question---"Could You Live Without Your Car?"  I thought about it and decided---No Way Jose'!!!


Looks like more families are answering "yes" to that question.  According to a new study----for the first time in decades, there are more households without cars. In the last couple of years, households without cars have reached 9.3%.

I would have thought it was because the economy turning south is the reason, but that's NOT it.  It seems there are a lot more alternative to driving cars this day in time.  Such as walking, riding a bike and city busses.  For me it just wouldn't work having to be a work at 5am---there are no city busses running then that could take me from where I live in Bismarck to the radio station studio in Mandan.  So for me--being a Zero Car Family---just won't work.  Plus I LOVE driving.  (CS Monitor)