Many guys have a romantic connection to cars.

And while most guys would love to take a Ferrari or a Maserati for a spin, there are some cars that are legendary for their "bad-ness."

Here's a rundown of some crappy cars every guy should drive before they die:


The DeLorean -- The whole thing was basically a really lousy car underneath, trying to look like something flashy and cool on the outside. The gull wing doors and stainless steel design were basically just novelties that wore off very quickly.

The Old VW Beetle -- They were ugly and cheap and, somehow, were built to last. They endured for years and years and ended up being a key part of automotive history.

The AMC Pacer -- American Motor Company's infamous egg-shaped car with a duck's beak for a hood might be the ugliest car ever made.

The Hummer H2 -- A modern crappy classic, the ridiculously giant H2 looks like a carnival freak on the road.