When I go to a state fair whether it be up in Minot or any of the other states I've lived in or visited---I don't eat the deep fried stuff--IF I have a caramel apple with nuts---and maybe an elephant ear---then I'm satisfied.  I have seen, but never eaten deep-fried Twinkies and deep-fried Snickers Bars.  However there are some crazy things being served up this year at state fairs all over the country and if you're ready for bizarre list of things REALLY being served this year---here ya go!!


Here's a list of all the insane deep fried stuff that you can expect at the fair this year ...

Iowa – Deep fried butter

Minnesota – Deep fried pig ears

Texas – Fried beer

California – Fried Kool Aid

And the most bizarre thing being served up comes from the Sunshine State of Florida---get ready----DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM CHEESEBURGER. (Jezebel)