According to, here are some of the craziest insurance policies ever written:

Alien Abduction Insurance -- A British company once sold 3-million dollars' worth of "alien abduction insurance" to people who thought they might be probed by extraterrestrials.

Thailand Riot Insurance -- The Thai government is currently trying to reassure dwindling numbers of would-be tourists by offering "Thailand Riot Insurance." When unrest in your country is so bad that you have to offer a cash prize of $10,000 to random strangers, you know you have a problem.

Crabzilla -- When the Birmingham Sea Life aquarium in England took possession of a 10-foot-long Japanese spider crab, they took out a policy against visitor death and permanent disability for over $1.5 million.

And this one is probably my personal favorite:

Chest Hair -- Singer Tom Jones reportedly took out a 7-million-dollar policy protecting his chest hair.