Well it IS that time of the year----Christmastime is here and that means a Christmas party with your co-workers, and that means co-workers actually let their guard down and you get to see how odd and strange they can actually be!

I've come up with a list of crazy goofy stuff that just might happen at most office holiday parties and see IF I'm right!!


#1)Those co-workers of yours that you expect to be bad, awful dancers really are bad, awful dancers.

#2)The guy who gets to dress up as Santa...almost always has too much fun!

#3The guy with the mistletoe hat really believes that he can start kissing most anyone---A LOT!!

#4Your stomach is churning because it turns out you are eating nothing but candy and chocolate for dinner.

#5)Some person that has had a little too much to drink gets the idea that shirts are optional.

#6)The actual office party ends, and you make the horrible mistake of going to what is called "The After Party, where things really go nuts.

#7)It's Monday morning, you’re back at the office looking around at all of your co-workers very nervously and wondering what they ARE thinking when they are looking at you. (BuzzFeed.com)