This week in Critter Corner, we have a litter of cute 9 week old Labrador mix puppies and who wouldn't love a puppy!

The Central Dakota Humane Society has 9 Lab mix puppies that are ready to go.

The mother of these puppies came to the shelter as a pregnant stray. The mom is also at CDHS.

Labs are one of the friendliest breeds and have many uses. Beside being a very loyal and loving companion, this breed is also used as hunting dogs and retrievers.

This litter has various colors and 5 female/ 4 male.

At this age, they do what puppies do. Eat, sleep, poop and pee. There is also the stage of teething or the chewing stage.

The advantage of getting a puppy is you have the opportunity to train them the way you want but it also take a lot of patience to train them. Teaching them right from wrong, to listen, house train and the chewing.
Once you have the puppy trained, you'll have a loyal and trustworthy friend!

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