North Dakota is a state that's steeped in tradition. With a strong German-Russian and Norwegian influence, there are a number of ethnic delicacies that are identifiable with the area, particularly around the holidays. Join us as we celebrate the quintessential North Dakota Christmas treats.

  • Krumkake

    Krumkake is a Norwegian waffle cookie made from flour, butter, eggs, sugar and cream. These delicate treats are made with a decorative griddle, then rolled around a plastic or wooden cone while still warm. They can either be eaten plain or filled with tasty cream. Either way, they are a must-have around the holidays!

    Jocelyn Tang
  • Lefse

    Lefse is a traditional soft, Norwegian flatbread that's made of potatoes and flour. The delicate bread is usually cooked in a skillet until lightly brown, spread with butter and sugar and rolled into a thin tube, ready to devour!

    Tiffany Tang
  • Kuchen

    Kuchen is a traditional German pastry that roughly translates to "cake", although this cake features custard with sweet dough for the crust. While there are many variations of kuchen, the most popular around North Dakota are made from fruit (apricot, apple, prune, peach, etc.). Talk to anyone around here, and they're sure to have an opinion on where to find the best!

    Jess Neis
  • Zukerkuchen

    Zukerkuchen is a traditional German sugar cookie (often called "suga kuga"), although there are many who consider it a "sugar cake". In this variation, anise flavoring is added to the dough. Once baked, the treats are topped with an anise/sugar crumble.

    Brenda Fried
  • Pfeffernusse

    Pfeffernusse (literal translation: "pepper nuts") are tiny spice cookies that are popular in Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands. Aromatic spices like cinnamon, cloves and anise are usually used in the cookies, which are rolled in powdered sugar after they're baked. Paired with a steaming cup of hot coffee or cider, you can't beat this traditional Christmas treat!

    Hint: Pfeffernusse are better the longer they sit, just make sure to store them in an airtight container.