With a rising population, plenty of jobs and a strong economy, it's obvious that North Dakota is a very appealing state to live and raise a family. However, with the increase in population also comes an increase in dangerous crime.

According to Movoto, crime has risen in North and South Dakota over the last decade.

Looking at the statistics, the real estate blog, Movoto took to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, and crunched the numbers to see how crime has fluctuated across the United States. Movoto took the numbers from every year in the last decade (2004-2013), then calculated how many crimes that would be per 100,000 people.

While some states have shown an increase in safety numbers, some states also show an increase in dangerous crime over the last decade.

The safest states are getting steadily safer over the last decade, which include Wyoming and Idaho. The least safe states would be Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas and Washington.

North Dakota and South Dakota, once considered very safe states have shown a upward trend towards the more dangerous side of things with a 50%+ increase in dangerous crimes.

(source- Movoto)