Gotta tell you at times---dating can be a pain in the butt and not a lot of fun.  IF you get together with the right person---dating can be heavenly.   I'm currently seeing someone that's amazing, and I'm in LOVE!   But if you're single and dating...why is it sooooo hard?  There was a survey taken recently and here's what people  had to say!!



Meeting people − 61%   This can be hard even with sites like and e-harmony.  I had some horrible experiences with on-line datings.

Knowing what you want − 22%  Gotta make up your mind

Communication (issues llike texting, email, phone calls, Facebook, etc) − 11%

Dating etiquette − 6%  Gotta have some manners.

Finding the time to date – 1%   Really?  Then don't be out there trying to date and meet someone IF you don't have the time!

NOW you know!!