Get ready for North Dakota darkness! Yea when we fall back when daylight savings time ends, the area gets about 8 hours of daylight and that's on a good, non cloudy day. Say goodbye to suntans and hello to the long days of winter!

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I have come up with some interesting daylight saving time thoughts to ponder. First, when I wake up at 345am next week, it'll be 245am until my body clock gets in sync with the new time. The idea that we gain an hour of sleep is true...but only when your body clock gets adjusted. Some people think that the crime rate decreases when daylight savings time goes into effect. I can't prove that.

Here is the most interesting fact I found according to The "Twins born during the switch  could find that the second born twin is actually listed as being born first. For  example, one twin is born at 1:50am and the next twin is born at 2:01am. Because  the closed fall back at 2:00am the second twin will be listed as being born at  1:01am. The older brother or sister all of a sudden becomes the younger of the  pair"

Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour before bed on Saturday or you'll be early for church and the Sunday trip to grandma's.