It's great that you've made a New Year's Resolution and all, but have you really thought it through? Many times, things sound good at first and then not so good after you've actually given it a try.

So you need to pick a resolution that can realistically be attained.

Here are some big life decisions that sound awesome ... until you actually do them.

Getting Back In Shape -- Everyone tries this, but what no one seems to understand is that getting in shape is a lifelong commitment. Once you reach your desired shape, you're supposed to maintain it -- not go back to the couch and stuff your pie hole.

Adopting A Puppy -- Sure you like dogs and love feeling like a hero for rescuing an animal from the shelter, but after you adopt it you have the responsibility of taking care of it.

Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend -- You'll finally dump her and return to the wild bachelor life, right? Wrong. You'll probably realize not long after that she wasn't so bad and you were happier with her.

Moving To A New Place -- You know what you have with your current place. You have no idea what to expect from your new place and it may not be good. Maybe the neighbors are noisy. Maybe there's a horrible smell that emanates from the vent.

Having a Kid -- If you don't already have a kid, you have no idea what you're getting into. How bad can it be, right? Imagine the worst -- and multiply it by 10.