North Dakota is making national headlines for all the right reasons. 

In a story that's been covered globally, Melanie Bailey from Devils Lake and Danielle LeNoue of Fargo will appear on 'Ellen' to discuss the noble act of sportsmanship that took place earlier this month at a cross country track meet.

Bailey, a senior from Devils Lake High School, was in the homestretch of the championship race in Glyndon, MN, when she noticed LeNoue noticeably limping and in obvious pain. Even though she told her to "go on", Bailey hoisted LeNoue on her back and carried her across the finish line.

LeNoue ended up tearing her patellar tendon and meniscus, an injury that could take six months or more to recover from.

Bailey doesn't consider herself a hero. "I feel like I was just doing the right thing."

The girls flew out to Los Angeles to tape the show on Tuesday (10/28) and the episode will air later this week.

We'll post video from the show when it's available, so be sure to check back!

[SOURCE: InForum]