There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Devil's Lake High School this past week regarding female students wearing tight pants. A teacher addressed the female student body Wednesday during an assembly to clear up misconceptions and defend the decision to show clips of 'Pretty Woman'.

Phyllis Kadrmas, a Devil's Lake High School teacher, was one of the faculty who showed the movie to the female students. She, along with other DLHS staff, claim their intent was to show the students that a female's wardrobe has an affect on how people perceive them.

The public became angry once news broke out and believe it was inappropriate to compare students to a prostitute.

As you can see in the video, Kadrmas defends her actions by explaining that she grew up in a different era and that females had to work very hard to obtain the respect they have today. While this may be true, comments on the Facebook post are questioning her sincerity and many ask where her apology is.

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