Discover the Dinosaurs, a fun exhibit that celebrates and teaches kids (and adults, too!) about pre-historic life is coming to the Bismarck Civic Center this Friday through Sunday (June 13-15). 


You will get to see more than 40 dinosaur replicas, including a 20-foot T-Rex, life-size triceratops, stegosaurus, and pteranodon. 

The exhibit has several different scenes, which represent the periods of time in which the dinosaurs lived.  You will feel like you are really there with the dinosaurs, with the scene’s special lighting, sound effects, and several of them are moving animatronic dinosaurs.  There are other non-moving dinosaurs that you can touch and feel as you go through the exhibit. 

The event includes a scavenger hunt for kids (be sure to grab a map at the entrance!) that asks questions about the scenes, and if you answer them correctly, you can win a prize!   

There are some additional fun things for kids to do and learn from including a dino dig (digging for fossils), dino theater, dino den for smaller children, dinosaur rides, dinosaur-themed inflatables, gem and fossil panning, dinosaur mini-golf, and dino face painting. 

The exhibit hours are:

Friday, June 13 -  Noon- 9pm
Saturday, June 14 – 10am – 8pm
Sunday, June 15 – 10am – 7pm

Tickets are available at the door or online. Admission is $18 for adults and children 13 years old and older; $16 for those 65 and older; children 2-12 for the exhibit plus activities, $21; and $16 for children 2-12 just attending the exhibit. Children 1 and under are free.

 For more information or to purchase tickets, visit  Information is also available at the Bismarck Civic Center webpage (link below).

Source: The Bismarck Tribune and The Bismarck Civic Center event page